Robert Feagan


Robert enjoys readings and speaking about the North to anyone who is interested, and children of all ages have been enraptured by the sounds of Inuit throat singing, and the ability to see and touch carvings, beadwork, harpoons, and many other northern artifacts described in Robert's stories of life in the north. 

"The students and teachers found your visit, "awesome!"  In fact, all the Grade 5s and their teachers heartily endorsed my recommending you to other schools. The kids are eager to read your books.  You may have given them a great motivation to read over the summer!  I think you have a great, readable style with content of interest for both genders.  No mean feat!"   - Sandi Clark, Sherwood Elementary, Charlottetown, PEI.

Robert's entertaining stories of life growing up in the North and personal experiences with animals such as muskox and polar bear provide an unforgettable addition to a student's education about the North. His highly interactive visits include readings, discussion of northern animals, cultures and climate, and visual displays and discussion of northern artifacts from his personal collection. 

"His  flexibility and understanding of children enable him to modify his commentary to suit the age of the audience.  He brings artifacts that illustrate aspects of life in colder climates and the stories of his childhood help students connect with people of the north....  Kids love his stories!  They laugh when he talks of jumping on the "honey pot" or think twice about safety when he describes frostbite.  They are captivated by his murderous babysitter, and fascinated when he greets them in Inu.  They learn about animals in the north and how people change when their cultures connect.  A man of the times!" - Joanne Cameron, Delton Elementary School, Edmonton, AB

Rob makes presentations across Canada to students from Grades 3 through 9. 

For more information, email him directly, or call 587-568-9237.